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Check Out What Adorable Treats Krispy Kreme Has In Store For You This Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us; winter is beginning to set in, people are going Christmas tree shopping and hanging up their Christmas lights and food chains are beginning to introduce holiday themed delights. Krispy Kreme, for instance, just launched a holiday themed line of doughnuts.

Santa Belly Doughnuts And More

Included in the line are a Melted Snowman Doughnut, Santa Belly Doughnut and Toffee Mocha drink.

The Melted Snowman Doughnut is filled with Kreme and topped with white icing, and a snowman face with chocolate arms and buttons. The Toffee Mocha beverage is a latte which blends toffee flavours and is topped with whipped cream.

And, as a tribute to our favourite holiday personality the brand is selling Santa Belly Doughnuts with hot coca Kreme filling, chocolate icing and a candy belt inspired by what Santa uses to hold in his bulging tummy.

Commenting on the new treats, Jackie Woodward, the chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme said “Krispy Kreme’s mission is to spread joy, and with a busy holiday season, sometimes the most joyful moments are when we slow down and share a treat with family and friends. These products were created with that mission in mind, and we are thrilled to offer the Melted Snowman Doughnut, Santa Belly Doughnut and Toffee Mocha throughout the holiday season.”

As Woodward said, the new treats will be available until December 25th across the US and Canada.