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Chocolate Pills Could Make Your Heart Happy


A new chocolate flavored pill could help you improve blood circulation and the quality of your heart. According to research conducted by Dusseldorf University Hospital in Germany, cocoa contains a high amount of the compound Flavanol, which is said to help in the improvement of cardiovascular functions and aiding smoother blood flow. The compound is also found in fruits and green tea but according to food safety officials, 200 milligrams of cocoa flavanols was found to improve blood circulation significantly. 

chocolate bar

Manufactures of chocolate around the world have already started researching on the process of including more flavanols in their products. The world’s leading chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, have made plans to partner with a French nutrition supplement maker to start production on their version of chocolate pills. Mondelez International, producers of Dairy Milk, have started researching on the potential benefits of including more flavanols in their products.

There are already several capsules available in the market which contains the compound. Mars have their own variation of the chocolate pill called the CocoaVia. It was released in the United State in 2010 and several copycat supplements have popped up in the market since then.

According to EU food safety officials, an individual requires 200 milligrams of flavanol to see the effects on blood flow. Although it might sound like a nominal amount, a person would have to consume more than 2 bars of dark chocolate to equal the amount required. That would mean an addition of nearly 350 calories and 20 grams of fat. Chocolate pills containing flavanol could prove to be a far healthier alternative.