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Dance The Weekend Away with DJ Troja During the #AndamanCleanupTour at Sanchez


Homegrown DJ Troja will be performing at Sanchez as part of the Ninth Isle 2020, #andamancleanup tour on Friday, January 10 at Sanchez. This initiative isorganized by Julia Hulme, who has been instrumental in 70 such initiatives world-wide. Hailing from the depths of Indian underground, Troja will be using his musical artistry to further the cause of the ‘clean up Andaman’ tour scheduled later this month.

The Andaman Islands 2020 Beach Clean Up weekend is a not-for-profit event raising awareness about the critical problems facing our planet as a result of continued plastic accumulation and are working with local initiative “Kachrewaale – The Waste People” to ensure that the beach clean-ups are appropriately managed and documented, this initiative is also being supported by Something Slow & Levitate.

Artist Troja fuses musical inspiration from his motherland with house and techno sounds exported from his travels around the world. Over the last few years he has developed a strong following around the world. Through his productions, Troja seeks to express his inner emotive via varying melodic soundscapes.

When: Friday, January 10 2020

Where: Sanchez Restaurante & Cantina, UB City

Timings: 9 pm to 1 AM

Entry: Free