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Recreate This Pista Orange Mousse Created by Chef Kasiviswanathan of Radisson Blu Atria This Republic Day


Republic Day is finally around the corner, and if you’re looking for the perfect recipe to whip up to celebrate our democracy then we’ve got you covered! Thanks to Chef Kasiviswanathan of the Radisson Blu Atria, here’s a scrumptious dessert you can recreate for you family – and feel patriotic about too!

Pista Orange Mousse


⦁ Milk: 500 ml
⦁ Custard powder: 25 gm
⦁ Sugar: 100 gm
⦁ Whip top cream: 800 gm
⦁ Gelatine: 20 gm
⦁ Pista Powder: 100 gm
⦁ Orange Crush: 100 ml
⦁ Vanilla essence: 5 ml


⦁ Soak the gelatine with Luke warm water and keep it aside

⦁ Make the custard with milk, custard powder and sugar

⦁ Mix gelatine with vanilla custard keep it till it gets room temperature

⦁ Add whip top cream in the custard mixture, divide into three portion

⦁ Only In two mixture add one with pista powder, one with orange crush

⦁ Then set in three layered with help of vanilla sponge

⦁ And keep it in chiller at least 8 hours and serve

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