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Did You Know That A Glass Of Wine Can Help You With Creative Block?


We all know that the right hemisphere of the brain takes care of our creativity, spatial ability, artistic, and musical skills and left part is responsible for practical, logical and organized thoughts. All of us have been there where we cannot get our creative juices flowing, and hit a brick a wall. Scientists have news that could you help you out, the next time you are facing a writer’s block.

Australian scientists have found that a glass of wine or pint of beer can help you to get past your creative blocks. This inability to access one’s internal ability can be dealt with a glass of wine.  Half of the remarkable writers had a history of drinking, and alcohol has been linked to creativity which was found by previous researchers.

According to the study that was published in Consciousness and Cognition, it was found that those who had consumed the alcohol had less focus and cognitive control. There are two main theories behind this conclusion. First being that when you are focusing on solving a particular problem, you can become fixated so that your mind gets stuck on one way of addressing it. Alcohol makes it more difficult to keep all the parameters of the task in mind.

The second theory is that alcohol allows you to tap into your unconscious mind and find alternative solutions and distracts you from the main task.

So, now you have the perfect excuse to bring  a bottle of wine to work!