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Do You Dare To Consume This Japanese Dish?


We love Japanese food, whats there not to love about it. Be it Sushi, Tempura, Yakitori, we love them all. But we often forget how much we do not about a particular cuisine. So, let us tell you about something that you didn’t know. Ever heard about Odorigui? It refers to the consumption of live seafood while it is still moving, or the consumption of moving animal parts. Octopus, Squids, Ice gobies are usually that are consumed in such manner.

The squid is technically dead in Katsu ika odoridon, but when you pour soy sauce over it, it magically “comes back to life” for its final dance before you ingest it, because it’s that fresh. The sodium in the soy sauce causes a reaction in the muscles to cause this spasm. Yes, it not for the weak hearted. Katsu ika odoridon which literally translates as Dancing Squid Bowl belongs to the Odorigui which literally means dancing eating.

This dish has been causing controversies as people think that the squid is in pain. But the restaurant claims that as the squid has been beheaded and do not have a brain, it is impossible for it to feel pain. You can watch the video over here, but be warned, it is definitely not something pretty.

This may seem extremely nauseating to those of us who love our food thoroughly cooked. But for those of you who are all about trying out new and exciting things every day of your life, you will have to travel all the way to Ikkatei Tabiji restaurant in Hokkaido.