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A Doctor In Hyderabad Was Just Arrested For Selling Weed Infused Chocolates


Last week, employees at a Burger King got arrested for distributing marijuana to customers who asked for their ‘fries, extra crispy.’ Meanwhile, in Hyderabad Shujath Ali Khan, a doctor, was recently arrested for selling marijuana-spiked chocolate on Instagram.

Weed Spiked Chocolate Cups

According to the Hyderabad Police, who had been monitoring Shujath for weeks, he mixed powdered marijuana with chocolate and sold the chocolates through Instagram.

The police also said that he was growing the marijuana plants in his home and had almost 3000 clients across India. The chocolates were labelled as X, XX, XXX, 4X and 6X depending on their strength and priced between Rs.500-Rs.1800.

Naturally, customers who bought the chocolate became addicted to them and became dependent on Khan for a constant supply.

The police were able to seize marijuana, chocolate cups and ‘unprocessed’ chocolates at the apartment.