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Edward Cullen Is Scouting New York City In Search For Hot Dog


It often happens that we have a massive craving for a particular kind of food, say cookies, and not every bakery, restaurant and/or shop can satiate our hunger for the same. And so we venture out on a hunt for that perfect cookie, which will make the hungry monster inside us go away. Well, something similar happened to Twilight star Robert Pattinson. At least that’s what his latest short movie wants us toe believe.

Shot for GQ, the short film has the on-screen vampire scouting the streets of New York City in search for the one he desires. Not Bella, not blood, but in fact, a New York City hot dog. That’s right, turns out Edward Cullen is just like the rest of us in real life!

The movie plays out in a very dark fashion, capturing the actor’s anxiety and unease. Only the anxiety is because he doesn’t want to leave his posh 5-star abode and face the paparazzi, which may recognise him and swamp the living life out of him on the streets.

Playing along on the sarcastic-dark theme, the actor finally gives in to his cravings and steps out of his hotel in search of hot dogs with a voice over (which is Robert’s mind at play, we’re guessing) completing the somber screenplay with lines like “This city is a labyrinth designed to mock me”.

But finally after a subway ride and an Uber ride through downtown Manhattan, the actor finally finds Papaya King on St. Mark’s Place. And while scoffing down hot dogs, Pattinson thinks to himself: “I knew I was just a normal human being. You can call me Rob — I eat hot dogs!”


Check out the entire short below.


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