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You Need to Visit this Tim Burton-Themed Bar in New York City


Tim Burton fans rejoice! The city that never sleeps is now proud to host their very own Tim Burton restaurant.

Called Beetle House, the bar-restaurant serves thematic food and drink in a gorgeously Gothic atmosphere, because obviously it’s Tim Burton and you can’t hold back on the decor and style.

Opened recently in Manhattan’s East Village, the menu has fantastic cocktails named after characters and important things from Burton’s movies. Like a Jack Skellington, complete with Bacardi Rum, creme de coconut, and lime juice, topped with crushed ice and orange zest. There’s also the Fleet Street Martini (from Sweeney Todd) and We Come in Peace (from Mars Attacks).

Even if you’re not a fan of Tim Burton movies (which is presposterous, because everyone is a fan!), the names and pictures of these dishes will make you want to visit this restaurant for the experience alone.

Featured image is one of their many crafted motions called “9”, an apple martini.