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Feast Like An Irish!


Here’s the good news, make more of the upcoming dry day and gear up for some insane offers on food and mocktail menu. Yes, you heard that right! Your favourite neighbourhood pub, The Irish House is all set to make sure you have an awesome time with an ALL DAY LONG buy 1, get 1 on their scrumptious food and delicious mocktails at the Noida outpost on 14th April 2019.

We promise you will not miss the alcohol because this neighbourhhood pub is all set to give you an even better food ‘high’. You can get all their signature grub –The Great Irish Fish N Chips, Grande Nachos, Cheese Burst Chicken, Sriracha Chicken Pizza, Good Ol’ Mac n Cheese Fries, The Irish Riverdanceand more, all at a complete steal. Also sip on chilled mocktails bursting with flavours such as Green Appletini, Spiced Guava Mary, Salted Caramel & Apple Shake, Tangerine Mojito and more. 

Loads of pub grub and a variety of refreshing mocktails at a buy 1, get 1 only at The Irish House, Noida – this is a deal you cannot miss!

What: Feast Like An Irish 
Where: The Irish House – Mall of India,Noida
When: 14th April 2019 
Time: 12 noon – 12:00 am
Contact: Noida – 8291897039