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Foods That Can Help With Fat Loss


When it comes to losing body fat, your nutrition and diet is absolutely key. It is about 80-90% of the battle and will account for 80-90% of your results. You cannot outtrain or outwork a bad diet no matter who you are. In terms of nutrition, we need to focus on lifestyle habits that lead to a healthy body and mind; the optimal condition for your body to lose body fat.

Our nutrition needs to be built around whole foods highest in nutrient density, specifically ones that are more “high-volume” which is a fancy way of saying they contain few calories and a ton of nutrients, so you can have them in copious amounts based on your needs. Now no food is magically going to go to your fat and burn it, but some foods will definitely help you on your journey due to their nutrition and satiety.

The foods listed here are just some of many to choose from: Oats (super filling, high in fiber, high in protein, and absolutely delicious), Apples (extremely nutrient dense and very filling due to its fiber and water content), Chia seeds (great source of Omega fatty acids and is a complete protein source), Oranges (low in calories, high in Vitamin C and are satisfying), Green tea (a natural thermogenic/fat burner), and Dark chocolate (because we all need a little dessert!)