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‘Girls Sweat’ Is The Latest Fried Chicken Flavor In Japan


For the most part, Japan has given us some pretty great food – from their next level Kit Kat to amazing Starbucks drinks. However, we seem to have hit a slight bump in the proceedings. A Japanese restaurant chain, Tenka Torimasu has come up with a new sauce for their fried chicken – Girl’s Sweat.

Tenka Torimasu specializes in boneless fried chicken or chicken karaage. Some of the sauces that routinely feature on their menu include: wasabi mayonnaise, sweet chili, cheese curry, and Japanese plum. Girl’s Sweat seems a far cry from these normal-sounding sauces!

RocketNews24 reports that the flavor is so special because “it’s the ‘refreshing’ sweat excreted by young ladies working hard to become successful idol singers”. Girl’s Sweat was modeled specifically after Japanese girl idol group Kamen Joshi, who wear hockey masks while performing, (hence the sweat?)

Just to clarify, there is no actual sweat in the sauce. The sauce is made salt, lemon juice, and cheese (we can all breathe a sigh of relief). If this sounds like something you may (not) be interested in trying then make a trip pronto. Sources say that the sauces will only be available until October 31st!



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