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Give Your Gut Health A Boost With A Lactose Free Curd By Epigamia


Epigamia is the one to give India its first range of Greek Yoghurt in many exciting flavours like Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Honey Banana, Wild Raspberry and many others. Thick, creamy, low in fat and zero in preservatives, the yoghurt has established itself since 2015. And now, Epigamia have created a curd for those who couldn’t even think about having it.

The Lactose-Free Curd

The brand has launched Epigamia Artisanal Curd which though made using cow’s milk is lactose free. Currently available in the retail stores in Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, the yoghurt pack that contains 400 grams of curd is priced at Rs.70. The curd also comes with a promise of improving your gut health due to the presence of more probiotics than in other curd. Epigamia Artisanal Curd contains two strains of probiotics – Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria and these help reduce abdominal discomfort.

We’ve tasted the new curd and it is absolutely delicious in taste. Great for not only making your food tastier but can be easily used for creamy yoghurt-based dips. The curd is thick and for those of you who love eating curd by itself are going to love it. Use it in buttermilk, lassi or even give your mornings a boost with a fruit parfait!

More About The Curd

Rohan Mirchandani, Co-founder and CEO, Drums Food International talks about the vision behind Epigamia Artisanal Curd and says, “In a country that loves its milk, lactose intolerance is a highly underrated problem. What most consumers don’t realize is that some of the digestion issues they face are caused because their bodies are simply unable to break down the lactose present in milk.  At Epigamia, we set out to build a product that would solve this issue. Hence the lactose-free, probiotic-enriched curd was created to cater to anyone seeking to foster a healthy digestive system.”

But what goes in the curd and how is it beneficial? “Epigamia Artisanal curd is designed to address contemporary health issues, while retaining its traditional function, taste and texture,” says Chef Ganesh Krishnamoorthy, Co-Founder of Epigamia. “We’ve used pure cow’s milk, added two types of probiotics and removed the lactose. Combined, these three elements ease digestion, boost immunity and give people with gastro-sensitivities, such as lactose intolerance and IBS, the opportunity to retain dairy in their diet and benefit from its calcium.”

So don’t hold back and give your gut health a boost by Epigamia Artisanal Curd without a worry because this product promises to have ‘no consequences’ to those with lactose intolerance.

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