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Glenfiddich Is Bringing Whisky Back With #CocktailsReimagined


While the single malt community is certainly divided over the perfect way to drink a whisky (neat, or on the rocks) cocktails seem to be an area that has somewhat slipped through the cracks. However, with the popularity of Mad Men, and the subsequent interest in whisky cocktails, Glenfiddich is revolutionizing the way we drink whisky with the launch of Cocktails Reimagined.

An evening of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, held at the gorgeous Olive Beach property in Bangalore, the launch showcased a celebration of Glenfiddich’s 12-, 15-, 18- and 21-year old single malts. A selection of exotic cocktails with the finest ingredients painstakingly handpicked from diverse parts of India and curated by mixologist Yangdu Lama, Glenfiddich set about re-defining the rules of traditional cocktail making. 

The Cocktails

Moon Spring– The Glenfiddich 21 Year Old comes alive with its nuanced rum character as it combines with Silver Tips Full-moon Tea. The Nasturtium Orange ice cube enhances the peppery finish of the 21 Year Old. Plucked only on one full-moon night every year, just for a minute short of 3 hours, they say it is a cosmic confluence that makes Silver Tips Imperial Darjeeling Tea magical.

Darjeeling Mail Old Fashioned– The full-bodied aroma of the Darjeeling Castleton Muscatel extract combines with the rich fruity notes of the Glenfiddich 18 Year Old to enhance its sherry character. The magical expression of the cocktail changes with every sip, thanks to the marigold finish. A result of the finest Chinese saplings planted 125 years ago, the Castleton Muscatel second flush, over time, has acquired a sobriquet that’s anything but Chinese. The Champagne of Teas.

Nutty Rob Roy– The best Kashmiri walnuts complement the nuttiness of our 15 Year Old Expression. A fine touch of palm sugar and a black pepper cordial bring the complexity alive. The result? A sweetness that lingers. The oldest tree food known to man. Rembrandt’s wonder ink. A Chinese investor’s wonder stock. No wonder the walnut was once only reserved for royalty.

Brahmaputra Boat– The finest bay leaf from Assam and exquisite cinnamon from Kerala combine to make a cordial that gives the World’s Most Awarded single malt, the Glenfiddich 12 Year Old a rightful, full-bodied, spicy finish. Bay leaf and cinnamon. Gifts fit for monarchs, symbols of honour since the dawn of civilisation and waxed eloquent by poets including Apollo, the Greek God of Poetry.

Speyside Tiramisu- The fruit-forward notes of the Glenfiddich 12 Year Old combine with the tangerine sweetness and intense aromas of the Gung Giri estate’s premium coffee. The finish is celebratory almost, with orange oils, cinnamon spice and caramel to round up all things whisky. Around 400 years ago, someone stole 8 seeds from the Arabs and planted them in Chikmagalur. Today, the whole world has an eye on the Gung Giri coffee blend.

Mulberry sparkle- The fruity notes of the 12 Year Old expression find the perfect partner in handpicked Figs from Gujarat. A fig puree complements the sweetness of the malt, and the splash of ginger juice gives it a spicy zing. A twist of lime juice makes for a surprising citrus finish. A mention in the Old Testament. Believed to be the first domesticated crop ever. Extolled for its restorative powers. The fig has surely stood the test of time.

Our favorite was certainly the Moon Spring, the quintessential combination of luxurious flavors, while the Nutty Rob Roy was a close second with that delightful hit of spice at the back of your throat.

James Pennefather, Managing Director, William Grant & Sons India speaking at the event said, “This initiative is an extension of Glenfiddich’s long illustrious history of innovation and having the confidence to try new things in an unconventional way. We really wanted to play with flavours and challenge the traditional tasting notes experienced in a cocktail. It has been an extremely passionate journey of carefully hand-selecting the finest of ingredients and pairing them with Glenfiddich to deliver palatability. We’re extremely thrilled today to present these new cocktails and are confident that they will intrigue and appeal to the Indian consumer.”



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