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Why Did This Group Of Thieves Steal $22,000 Worth Of Nutella?


A group of thieves in Ontario have recently found themselves behind bars for stealing cards, dealing in drugs and – here’s the one you’ll relate to the most – $22,000 worth of Nutella.


According to Detective Sergeant LaSalle of the York Regional Police, the police in the area had been observing Benefit Motors, a garage shop, after several reports of luxury car thefts came in. These thefts started at around the same time the garage shop opened.

In a sting, the police raided the chop and found vehicles valued over $3 million dollars, $200,000 worth of drugs and firearms and a trailer full of Nutella.

What Were They Doing With The Nutella?

While we understand how hoarding drugs, firearms and cars could be lucrative, you may be wondering how Nutella can help a band of thieves make money.

According to several news reports, they were selling the Nutella bottles for half of their original price, allowing Nutella addicts the chance to feed their habit at a cheaper rate.


There’s no word yet on where they stole the Nutella from.

We think perhaps the group indulged in a few bottles as well; perhaps they can plead temporary insanity due to a sugar rush?

Chocolate Crimes

Strangely enough, this has been the second instance of a chocolate crime in the past few weeks. In a more minor incident, a student came back to find that the Kit Kat bar he had been storing in his car had been stolen. The thief had left behind this apologetic note:

All this proved that when it comes to chocolate, much of the world just can’t help themselves.