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Guess What? Now You Can Make Your Own Sparkling Rosé Wine At Home


If you’re a bit Rosé obsessed, we have the best news ever! Thanks to Brooklyn Brew Shop, now you can make your own sparkling Rosé wine at home! All you gotta do is buy their Sparking Rosé Wine Kit and let the magic happen (it comes with instructions, so fret not)!

According to Brooklyn Brew Shop’s website, making it rain Rosé ain’t that hard to do. It says, “We’ve included everything you need to make 5 bottles of sparkling rosé in this kit, even corks. The steps to making rosé bubbly are delightfully easy, and you’ll be popping bottles in just six weeks. And all of the equipment is reusable, so all you need for your next round of bubbles is a fresh batch of ingredients.”

TBH, we’re thinking that it’s really more of an investment at this stage. Unlimited Rosé for life for the price of $70? Ideally, you’d have 6 friends all with a sparkling Rosé kit and you make your wine in stages so you never run out of fresh Rosé! Seriously, just take all of our money!

Each batch of brewed Rosé makes about 5 bottles, which means you can give them out as gifts as well this summer! Sharon will never be able to live down sparkling Rose that you brewed yourself! Get yourself in the Rosé state of mind and get yourself a kit here, we’re sure you won’t regret it!

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