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Here’s How Brands & Businesses Secure A “Royal Warrant”


Like the tag suggests, a Royal Warrant is something granted by members of the Royal Family of Britain. But what does this regal stamp signify? Well, if your brand or company holds the warrant, it means that you (or your business) have supplied a good or service to the royal family, and they loved it enough to put a fancy Royal stamp of approval on it.

Just like not many members of the Royal Family can bestow this particular honor (only three people, that is, the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales hold the authority), not many companies can pride themselves with the Royal Warrant. To be precise, there are only 800 royal warrant holders in the world. While some of these are globally renowned brands such as Cadbury, Kellogg’s, and Quaker Oats, there are some names that are not too popular beyond the English borders like Aubrey Allen, one of United Kingdom’s most prominent butchers popular for supplying meats to some of the finest chefs in the U.K.


How To Get The Warrant

So, what exactly does a business need to do to qualify for one of these shiny Royal Warrants? According to the Royal Warrant Holders Association, a group that oversees the application process and issuance of each warrant, it receives applications for the warrant from the beginning of May through the end of June each year. Based on these applications, the Royal Household Warrants Committee, which consists of Lord Chamberlain and Master of the Household, among other members, decides which to escalate further to the royal family, reveals Alexandra Messervy, chief executive of The English Manner and former employee of the royal family’s Master of the Household.

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To be eligible for a Royal Warrant, a company should have been supplying goods and services to the Royal Family for at least five out of the last seven years. This inevitably means that there are a few businesses that need not apply, like professional service vendors, such as bankers, and media companies because they don’t supply goods or services as deemed by the association.

While a company must apply for the royal stamp to get one, there have been exceptions in the past when a particular company’s goods were well-received by the royal family, who subsequently encouraged the company to continue serving the royal family for the requisite five years in order to get the warrant. In essence, to get your business the prestigious Royal Warrant, your goods should really stir up the Royal palate. And that’s asking a lot from a family that eats only the best food!


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