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Kid Licks’ Edible Nail Paints Are Here To Make Nail Biting Yummier


While nail biters around the world are trying out techniques, remedies and bitter nail paints to stop themselves from nail biting, Kid Licks just went ahead and made the process edible.

Enter Kid Licks’ Organic Eat Your Nail Polish. Now a bunch of you might mind the mere act of biting nails disgusting but take it from an ardent biter, it’s not easy to give up. So we couldn’t be happier with a product that doubles our satisfaction by making our nails taste better!bn_comp_nail


A Delicious Solution

The creators of this yummy nail lacquer, Audrey and Josh felt the need to create such a product when they realized how much their daughter liked painting her nails. Not just that, the relation between her fingers and mouth too was unbreakable.

Worried over the harmful compounds that go into making nail paints, the creative parents set out to create some polish sans the chemicals.kid-licks-polish-964x644

Their website reads: ‘With three young kids, we’ve seen kids try to eat just about every gross thing known to man.

‘We’ve made peace with most of it – food off the floor, sand at the beach, hair balls, some grosser stuff we don’t like to relive.

‘But we at least try to make sure that the stuff we put on our kids’ hands is safe.’


The Organicness

Available in three colors (or flavors) – Beet Red, Barley Grass Green and Sour Carrot Orange – the paints are 100% organic and made from all-natural ingredients like vegetables and plants.

Although, the organic nail polish was created to make sure the kids don’t end up ingesting chemicals, it is now being accepted widely by people who like to stick to organics.kid-licks-red-964x644

The colors come off easily with soap and water so not even acetone can maline the ‘organicness’ of the polish!


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