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Reheating these foods is actually bad for your health


In today’s fast life, reheating food for dinner or breakfast is not a new thing. Microwaving old or frozen food, with an aerated drink is probably the easiest way for a meal. But is it good for you? How does your body react to it? And which foods should you not be reheating?

Research shows that certain foods, when not stored properly and reheated, can be harmful to your health. The below mentioned common list of foods, when reheated could give you food poisoning or worse, if stored improperly.

1. Eggs


Known as the protein powerhouse, eggs, if reheated, can cause indigestion.

2. Potatoes


Improper storing of boiled potatoes forms a breeding ground for a rare bacterium called botulism. This gets killed with a few minutes of microwaving but you wouldn’t want to take the risk.

3. Chicken


This is one of the most commonly reheated foods. When reheating chicken for a second time, make sure it is piping hot which means it’s heated all through which otherwise could cause digestive problems.

4. Mushrooms


Eating mushrooms fresh is best as they start to deteriorate once cooked or thawed for a long time.

5. Celery


The nitrate content in celery could turn toxic by reheating it.

6. Beets


This vegetable is best served cold or is best when you immediately consume it after cooking. Rich in nitrate content, it could easily cause tummy upsets or aches when reheated or cooked again.