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Eating Healthy Is As Simple As ABC, This Winter Follow These 5 Easy But Healthy Food Swaps


A healthy body nourishes a healthy mind and vice versa. Eating healthy is not as difficult as a lot of us may think. This winter, get your health game on and make a few simple healthy food swaps that will be beneficial to you in the long run. Throw away all the junk food in your pantry and replace it with healthier, and tastier options. 

Swap Creamy Soup For Broth 


Bone broth is becoming the latest food trend. Packed with nutrients including phosphorous, calcium, gelatine, and collagen, this wonder soup helps your bones, is good for your stomach, and helps keep your hair and nails looking healthy. This soup also helps you cut fat and calories, leaving you feeling better insode and outside. 

Swap Mashed Potato For Sweet Potato Mash


High on Vitamins A, b and C, fibre, Potassium, and essential minerals, sweet potatoes are  much healthier option than regular potatoes which tend to be loaded with carbs. And the best part is that once they are mashed you don’t need to add as much butter, milk or salt. Cauliflower also makes a great healthy mash substitute.

Swap Apple Crumble For Baked Apples 



Baked apples are more nutritious than apple slices covered in crumble. Fill it with dry fruits and spices and stick it in the oven for 20-30 minutes, and you’ve got yourself a scrumptious dessert that’s both tasty and healthy.

Swap Mulled Wine For Champagne


This might be a little less cost effective, but if you like to end your day with a glass of good wine, try champagne instead. While mulled wine is delicious and is full of sweet and spices, it usually contains added sweeteners thereby increasing its calorie count. Champagne, on the other hand, is relatively lower in sugar and calories and makes for a healthier substitute. 

Swap Meat Stuffing For Chestnut Stuffing


Meat is usually high in fat while chestnut are ‘low fat’ nuts. The best part is that they contain high amounts of Vitamin C and dietary fibre.