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Remember Ring Pops? Well, Now There’s A Campari Flavoured Version


Alcohol flavoured candy has made it big in the last year (our favourites being the boozy flavoured gummy bears). Lucky for us, the candy industry doesn’t look like it has any plans of stopping that trend anytime soon. The latest ring on their finger? Campari cocktail flavoured candy rings.

Now, here’s a Ring Pop that any self-respecting adult would be happy to own! To make these boozy candy rings a reality, Campari teamed up with Sweet Saba, a designer candy brand based in New York City. The confectionary expert behind Sweet Saba, Maayan Zilberman, crafted them in the signature red-orange hue of the popular aperitif and situated them atop an adjustable silver band (classy right?).

Alas, and alack, the Campari flavoured candy rings won’t actually get you tipsy. They are but a mere imitation of Campari, sans alcoholic spirit. However, we’re still holding out for the chance that one day we’ll get a candy ring that will get us drunk. In the meantime, we’ll savour our edible jewellery that’s both fashionable and delicious.

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