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Say Hello To Summer With This Coca Cola Slushie


Summer is officially here, which means loads of sun, sand, and lamenting on how we haven’t gotten our summer bodies in shape yet. If you’re looking for the perfect drink to sip on this summer then look no further than Coca- Cola Frozen which launched in Japan yesterday.

While we’d certainly be happy with a nice cold coke on a hot day, a frozen Coca-Cola slushie in a squeezy pouch is pretty much a dream come true!

Apparently, there will also be a range of Fanta Frozen drinks, which will come in various flavours like classic orange and grape.

Along with Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon, they’ll go on sale in Japan at a recommended retail price of 130 yen ($1.21). Here’s hoping that Coca-Cola decides to take the product worldwide, we’re pretty sure that it would be a massive hit!

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