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The ‘Sit With Us’ App Will Not Let You Eat Alone Ever Again


Having been a major chick-flick and high school drama junkie throughout my teen years, I have a fair idea about the Regina Georges and Sharpay Evans of schools. And while they may have been a tad bit more highlighted, the fact that bullying does exists cannot be ignored. Especially in the lunchroom. Of course, no one breaks into a song about “status quo”, but you know what I mean.

Eating lunch alone can be tough. But you may never have to do it again, thanks to a new app created by 16-year-old Natalie Hampton. Very appropriately named ‘Sit With Us’, the app is a quitter and less obvious way of looking for a non-deserted and bully-free space to eat. Basically, you won’t have to eat along again. The app single-handedly can take down major scenes from movies like Mean Girls, High School Musical, Step Up 2, and the likes.

sit with us1Image: Foodbeast

Having faced her share of bullying, Hampton spent most of her 7h grade eating lunch alone, which is where she found the inspiration to come up with the app. ‘Sit With Us’ makes the whole seat finding process more discreet and is a boon for introverts and shy folks.

Some are crying for help,” Natalie, now an 11th-grader, told LA Daily News. “I want to use social media, which can be harmful, and use it for a change and to do something good.”

AR-160909723Image: LA Daily News

Hampton launched the app a week ago, and says that she has already seen a significant change within her own school. The 16-year-old Sherman Oaks resident told NPR that her classmates are posting open lunch invites and getting involved with the app.

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