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Stop Everything, Because A Beef Jerky Advent Calendar Now Exists


Christmas is just around the corner (all right, it’s over a month away), and people are getting in the festive spirit! Advent calendars are just one of the things that makes Christmas great! Like, honestly, what could be better than counting down the days to Christmas with a treat!

We’ve seen all types of advent calendars in the past like a boozy one, a cheese-filled one, and, of course, the staple chocolate advent calendar, but something has arrived this year that is bound to blow your socks off (because of the meat sweats, duh)!


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?? IT’S HERE! The Jerky Advent Calendar is the ultimate carnivore, candied countdown celebrating 25 delicious December days. The Twelve ‘Flaves’ of Christmas Forget the french hens and geese a-layin’. Nothing says “Mooey Christmas” like twelve festive flavors of jerky: Whiskey Maple, Chili Lime, Ghost Pepper, and more. There’s no telling what seasonal surprise he’ll discover that day; the only guarantee is that it will be delicious. Plus, he’ll get to proudly display our custom artwork, a seasonal celebration of ‘A Christmas Carol’ as depicted by cows. ‘Tis the season for seasoned meat! . . #mancrates #adventcalendar #mensgifts #jerky #beefjerky #christmasgift #menschristmas #advent #christmas

A post shared by Man Crates (@mancrates) on Nov 12, 2018 at 11:02am PST

The O Holy Cow Advent Calendar by Man Crates (women like beef jerky too, ya know) fills the calendar with ‘artisanal beef jerky flavors’ which go from Classic Beef Jerky to Whiskey Maple. So, if you’re a big fan of dehydrated beef, or if you want your friend to count down the days to Christmas the right way then you can pick up your O Holy Cow Advent Calendar for $80 here. While the price may be a bit steep, can you ever really put a price on beef jerky happiness?