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Taco Bell’s Strawberry Starburst Slurpee Is Back


After testing limited edition Strawberry Starburst flavoured Slurpees in 2014, Taco Bell has announced that the Slurpees are back as a permanent addition to the menu.

The Starburst Slurpee Story

Taco Bell rolled out the bubble gum pink Starburst Slurpee in October in 2014. Starburst is a fruit flavoured candy manufactured by Mars Incorporated’s The Wrigley Company available in Tropical, Sour, FaveReds, Very Berry, Superfruit and Original Flavours.

Back in 2014, Starburst tweeted ““We joined forces with Taco Bell to bring you the wondrous Starburst Freeze. Talk about a team made in juicy heaven.”

Meanwhile, Taco Bell posted an animated photo of the Starburst Freeze. Till date, the Slurpee has 17,247 retweets and 16,400 likes.

The Starburst Slurpee Is Back

A few days ago, Starburst announced that it had teamed up with Taco Bell to bring the Slurpee back to the fast food chain: 

Taco Bell has described the drink by saying “once you drink it though, you’ll quickly find that the pink is just a facade and somewhere in its core, this innocent-looking delicacy has a villainous tendency,” Taco Bell’s description reads. “It’s just waiting for the chance to flip that cute veneer and give you the worst brain freeze you can possibly imagine. Before you’ve even had the chance to say ‘this is delicious,’ your head will be as ice cold as this Strawberry Freeze’s little pink heart.”

If you want to experience an ice cold head (a welcome change in the hottest days of summer), head to Taco Bell; a 16 ounce cup will cost you $1.99.