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Tandoori Momos Recipe


Tandoori Momos- This recipe particularly is very close to my heart. A local restaurant nearby my place sells divine Tandoori Momos at a very reasonable price.

You cannot imagine, how enjoyable they could be!

The whole area within and outside that food joint seems like a carnival is going on! People seem to be flooding here and there, especially at the time of winters.

Shivery hands holding a steaming hot plate of charred Momos.

Tandoori Momos are a fusion of both Tibetan and Indian styles, authentic Tibetan Momos are made first, then marinated in Tandoori marinate for at least 2-3 hours. They are then cooked over a big charcoal grill skewed in iron skewers.

Tandoori Momo


If you already know how to make Momos, then it is going to be an easy job for you to reach the next level and transforming them into Tandoori style.

But, in case you do not know the recipe for Momos, find the detailed recipe here.



They are easy to make, and definitely worth all your efforts. Make a lot of them and enjoy with friends and family. For us, there are meals like tea-time, snacks-time and one of them is momo-time. ?


Tandoori Momos can be made in your oven, but they taste best when cooked in a clay oven or a tandoor which is most common in India.


You can use barbeque stand too, tastes equally delicious. So, there are many ways to cook. You can find yours as per your belongings and suitability.