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That Heinz Ketchup Ice Cream You’ve Seen On Social Media Actually Exists


It’s a basic fact of life that ketchup goes with pretty much anything. However, if we’re being perfectly honest, there are some things that even ketchup shouldn’t be a part of. Cue the pictures of Heinz Ketchup ice cream that we’ve seen floating around the internet. It has certainly stirred up quite a few lively debates and uncomfortable conversations.

However, it turns out that Ketchup Ice Cream actually exists and Ed Sheeran is solely to blame. ICYMI, Ed Sheeran sports a Heinz Ketchup tattoo on his arm (that’s some serious love for Heinz). He has also been touring Ireland, so a gelato shop decided to create (what we assume would be) Ed Sheeran’s favorite ice cream flavor (hmm, we wonder how Ed feels about Mayochup).

In fact, if you were attending Ed Sheeran’s concert you could drop by the store and help yourself to a free ketchup cone (cue the it’s so bad they’re giving it away for free jokes).

If you fancy yourself a ketchup cone, all you gotta do is make the trip to Ireland because we’re pretty sure that Gelati is keeping this quirky gelato on the menu!

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