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The Best Healthy Frozen Pizza Brands


When looking for frozen food, most people tend to lean towards pizza as their main option. So, when it comes to frozen pizza, which are the ones that you should consider when looking? 

The other question is why you should consider the brand in the first place. These are just some of the questions that you may need answers to before you consider that slice of pizza.

To find out more about the popular pizza brands that you should be looking at when picking out frozen pizza brands, you need to read on. Info on if they are healthy and how they are healthy can also be found here.

The Best Healthy Frozen Pizza Brands
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Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Pizza

One aspect that you need to look at today when you’re looking towards healthy food is if there are veggies. With this pizza, it is piled up high with vegetables to make it flavorful. It includes Brussels sprouts, roasted tomatoes, corn, and broccoli.

The crust of it is made up of nutrient-dense ingredients to make it healthy for you. The larger part of the pizza is made up of organic ingredients.

Caulipower Three Cheese Pizza

If you’re looking to cut back on wheat flour, then this should be your choice when it comes to pizza. It also is a safe option for gluten-free consumers. One part that should entice you is that it is made of cauliflower.

If you’re into organic stuff then this one will disappoint as it is made up of sourced ingredients. Absolutely, none of the ingredients used to prepare this pizza are organic.

Capello’s Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

First off, the crust is made using arrowroots flour. The flour is mixed with organic coconut oil, organic coconut flour, and organic coconut milk. This is one of the pizza options that you look at when you want pepperoni pizza.

All barriers are broken here, as it usually not advised to have pepperoni pizza. This is also a gluten-free option pizza that you can consider. Another thing is that if you want a grain-free pizza option, then this is it for you.

America Flatbread Revolution

If you take a look at the other options above this one too has pretty much the same idea as them. There’s just a little twist that has been added to make it more stylish for the consumers. The ingredients used to make this pizza are organic.

What you can count as non-organic in the mixture, includes mozzarella, and mushrooms. And, this is the part that makes the pizza delicious according to a number of consumers. The part that has been singled out for praise is the caramelized onion-mushroom combination.

Amy’s Pesto Pizza

The Best Healthy Frozen Pizza Brands
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Another pizza that is grabbing attention in the healthy pizza bracket is this one. In fact, Amy’s Pesto takes the big role of being one of the originals of the healthy pizza idea.

The one that is tasty among the various options is the broccoli, tomatoes, and pesto mix. Almost all that is involved when it comes to this pizza is organic, from the tomatoes, broccoli, basil among others. 

And, the crust is made of unbleached wheat flour. With the crust and toppings being organic, you have options that are not only healthy, but one that is tasty too.


Today, there are a number of options that you can consider when it comes to healthy pizza brands. Some have looked to add veggies to their ingredients so as to make the meal healthy. Plus, you have options that you can definitely choose from as seen from the list above.