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This Bubbly Sangria Is Getting People Black Out Drunk


Everyone knows the struggle to get drunk when you’re a broke college student with a surprisingly high alcohol tolerance. However, it looks like Capriccio Bubbly may be the trick to getting that weekend buzz for cheap, oh so we thought, after the tweet below went viral.

Instead of deterring people from drinking it, loads of people on Twitter decided to try it out themselves, and from their reaction, it seems to be pretty lit.

However, Capriccio confirmed that the drink is “made from 100 percent natural fruit juices and grape wine with no additives or preservatives,” National Sales Director at Florida Caribbean Distillers Dave Steiner told He cautioned that each bottle is the equivalent of two glasses of wine but that amount is certain to affect everyone differently.

If you don’t have the highest alcohol tolerance in the world, then maybe it’s best to skip on the Capriccio Bubbly Sangria.

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