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This Mother’s Day Plan A Date with Mom to Help Cancer Warriors


“What did you eat today?” is a question that unites mothers all around the world. Turns out, nutrition and what we eat is of great importance–especially for cancer patients. This mother’s day, OncoHappy brings to you a chance to celebrate your mother’s instincts–all while learning about nutrition and mind-body well being, at JLWA, Bandra – Mumbai and XOOX, Koramangala – Bengaluru on Sunday, May 12th, 2019.

“I have always been a flag bearer for healthy food choices within my circle,” says Neel Sharma, Head Sales and Marketing for XOOX Brew-Mill Bangalore. “Working together with Rekhansh, MD at XOOX is a huge boost as he himself practices Yoga & Meditation extensively. Supporting OncoHappy in their endeavour to create a balance between mind and body of patients, survivors and caregivers, helps us fulfill our purpose of better, healthier living,” added Neel.

“There isn’t enough research on any diet or food that has shown to cure cancer. But when mom walked the cancer journey, natural foods and proper nutrition boosted her immunity, reduced side effects during chemotherapy and helped cope better during cancer treatment and through remission”, says Niyati Mehta, Co-Founder OncoHappy who leads their Bangalore Chapter.

When asked about the purpose of this event, Mehta added, “Cancer journeys need an integrative approach to healing. Momishappy is curated to create awareness and experiences for a thoughtful nutritious meal especially for mothers – to increase prevention, reduce risk of occurrence and lessen the progression of a disease like cancer.”

Live performances and entertainment by MyBoTree and The Little People will liven up the space whilst there are conversations on nutrition and health by nutritionists, all curated to celebrate motherhood. “Fundraising for a cause doesn’t need to be a serious affair. OncoHappy and Food with Benefits aims is to build a community of like-minded individuals who find joy in giving, by participating in a cause,” said Nachiket Shetye, Director of Cellar Door Hospitality. The brunch menu is designed by some of the top chefs and food bloggers in the country, keeping in mind the nutritional needs of the people going through the treatment.

Special guests include 100 mothers with cancer. They will experience an evening dedicated to them, their food habits and their well-being. Padma Kumar, mother of Roshni (24-year-old cancer survivor) said, “The day Roshni was cured was the day I knew I had my life back again. As a mom, I started from scratch and nourished her like a just born baby. I would boil palak, beetroot and carrots; add raw tomatoes, apple and cucumber to make fresh juice for her to drink thrice a day. I did this for almost 2 years. Nutrition does play an important role as the body needs to heal and the right food and diet help the body to recover”.

Join this lovely experience and book a date with your mum this Sunday here. You can also gift an amazing Mother’s Day experience to a cancer warrior by registering here.

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