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Tips for Making Fresh Granola at Home


If you are looking for tasty breakfast or snack ideas, this granola recipe is a great option. If you have no idea how to serve it, we have got your back.

The beauty with granola is that it stores beautifully, which means that it will always taste fresh and yummy. Most people like their snacks to have some crunch, and granola offers exactly that. It can also be eaten with anything including milk, smoothies, porridge, nuts, yogurt, and pudding.

Everyone loves simple recipes that are easy to commit to. Read our guide below for some useful tips on how to make the ultimate granola. 

Tips for Making Fresh Granola at Home
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Choose Your Oats Wisely

If possible, choose old-fashioned oats that are quick to cook. 

This is because they give you a beautiful texture. Bob’s Red Mill Oats are one of the best on the market.

Use Fats

By using healthy fats in your granola, you can really add to its flavor. There are several options available on the market, including avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

This also gives your granola an excellent quality, making it somewhat sweet and savory. You can use any oil you like, but make sure you don’t omit it.

Fruits Should Always Come Last

The best thing about making your granola is that you can add almost anything you want.

Whether it’s dried nuts, seeds, pistachios, cranberries, or mangoes, anything goes. The general rule of thumb is to always add in any dried or chopped fruit once your granola comes out of the oven. 

For those fruits that tend to brown quicker, be sure to add them halfway through your cooking time.

Firm Press Your Granola

As you pour your granola onto that parchment-lined baking sheet, always ensure that the sheet is full. If not, your oats will almost always burn. 

Also, be sure to press them down using a spatula before cooking, in order to give you that uniform layer. This also helps to create those little crumbs that everyone likes in their morning breakfast bowl.

Know When Your Granola is Ready

Cooking granola is like baking cookies as it continues to cook even after pulling it out from the oven. 

It will continue to form those beautiful clusters and it will harden as it cools. 

As such, don’t wait to pull it out after it has browned. It’s always good to trust your instincts before you pull it out of the oven.

Tips for Making Fresh Granola at Home
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How to Serve Granola

There are so many different ways you can serve granola, depending on what you choose to mix it with. How you serve granola entirely depends on your taste preferences.

You can mix it in yogurt and serve it as a dessert or even for breakfast. You can also use it as a topping on your favorite dish.

It can also be used as stuffing instead of bread crumbs. Granola can also be eaten in oats to give you that extra crunch and texture.

You can also soften it with milk, allow it to soak for a few minutes, and then eat. Granola is also particularly tasty when served with your favorite scoop of ice-cream.

Bottom Line

Granola is one of the healthiest and best loved snacks amongst people who are conscious about their health. Take a look at our easy to follow tips in order to create the ultimate granola dish.

The crunch, coupled with the mouth-watering sweetness of the fruits, makes it a satisfying go-to snack. 

There are countless ways that you can enjoy this snack. Serve it up to friends and family and ask for their feedback.