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Top 10 Fruit Salad Recipes


1.Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe

I threw this salad together last week took pictures of it and was requested to post the recipe -Vary this easy fruit salad with whatever fruits you can find in the shops. Tropical fruits make a nice addition too such as mango, passion fruit or even persimmon or dragon fruit.

2.The Jungle Book Fruit Salad Recipe

In a tribute to the upcoming film, we’ve decided to share a fruit salad recipe, inspired by Baloo’s ‘Bare Necessities’. The salad, adapted from Food In Literature, is a combination of papayas (paw paws), nuts, bananas (because Baloo loves his bananas) and sugar. Give it a try and have it as an appetiser to a meal!

3.Christmas Morning Fruit Salad Recipe

Quick and easy Christmas Friut Salad Recipe.

4.Fruit Salad with Cannoli cream Recipe

Cannoli (“pipes”) are said to be one of the unshakable rocks of Sicilian desserts, and these days they can be found in almost every Italian pastry shop in America. They are crispy fried pastry tubes that are filled with sweetened ricotta cheese or sometimes pastry cream. The tubes are time-consuming to make, but the filling is easy, and dolloped over fresh berries, well, it just brings me home.

5.Hawaiian Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe

My family was lucky enough to go to Hawaii a few years ago for vacation. It was an incredible experience. Mama and I would wake up every morning looking forward to breakfast because the fruit was just amazing. I would eat fruit for breakfast every day if it tasted like those Hawaiian pineapples. Our cousin Lydia lives in Hawaii and gave us this recipe. She’s lucky to be able to choose a variety of fresh fruit year-round.

6.Tropical Salad Recipe

Nothing says tropical like mango and pineapple. The honey-lime dressing is fresh and will make you go bananas over it.

7.Avocado Salad Recipe

These days avocadoes are available in most supermarkets and fruit stalls, almost all round the year. While some people buy it frequently for its health benefits, others stay away as they are unsure of how to include it in their diet. Puddings and milkshakes are perhaps the most popular preparations of avocado, but you will soon tire of it, if you keep repeating the same recipes. So, here, we present a tasteful Avocado Salad in which the smooth texture of the fruit is smartly complemented by crunchy, juicy and tangy veggies, and a minty honey dressing.

8.Eve’s Salad Recipe

An age-old favourite combination of apples and celery along with other easily available fruits.

9.Fruit Custard Recipe

Mixed Fruit Custard makes an ultimate eggless dessert especially during summer time that’s not only healthy but also requires very little cooking time free of fancy ingredients. You can also make it in advance, chill and serve.

10.Hawaiian Fruit Bowl with Vanilla Cream Recipe

Fibre-rich fresh fruits get an exotic twist in this tropical fruit bowl topped with low fat, low cholesterol vanilla cream.

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