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An Underground Winery Exists And It Looks So Magical!


It’s pretty much a given that you’ll enjoy anything that contains the word wine in it (I know I do). Any trip to a winery is always a good day. However, this underground winery in Croatia is next level! You actually have to swim underground in order to get to it and apparently you pass by a sunken ship!

Croatia actually is in the record books as the country that drinks the most wine per capita so you know the wine is going to be amazing!

In the town of Drače, an hour north of tourist hotspot Dubrovnik, they’ve opened up the first underwater winery in Croatia, Edivo Vina, and in order to see it, guests get to dive with them and find out how the magic happens! However, not everything happens underground. The wine is aged above ground for three months, then stored underwater in a clay jug for a couple years.

Still sounds pretty cool to me (aka I’m immediately trying to find a buyer for what’s left of my liver). If you have any Europe plans, you definitely have to add this place to your list!


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