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The US Can Soon Feast on Hot Dog Crust Pizzas, Courtesy Pizza Hut!


This just in: the pizza has married the hot dog and their honeymoon will take them through Pizza Hut chains across America. In other words, Pizza Hut is bringing their hot dog crust pizza to the USA. 


The hot dog crust pizza, which is immensely popular in South Korea and other Pizza Hut outlets across the globe, is a spin off from the original Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza. Instead of stuffing the crust with cheese, the crust is stuffed with hot dog sausages. 28 of them. In merely 6 days (June 18th!), Pizza Hut will release this treat to the American public. Strangely enough, this move contradicts with Pizza Hut’s recent campaign in the US, where they advertised that they would focus on ‘artisanal’ food. Stuffing hot dogs in a crust seems far from artisanal – but hey, it is kind of an innovation, right? Reactions on Twitter were similarly confused:

What do you think – are you completely disgusted by the idea, or can you not wait for June 18th? Watch the advertisement below to help you decide.