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Vegan Emojis are finally here.


There’s nothing more Vegan than these adorable Vegan emojis. 

Featured image vegan emojis

While vegans are here, getting real bored with the classic Emojis; Follow your Heart from LA has come up with vegan food, yes, but also Vegan Emojis. They’re a Vegan cheese and Vegenaise company with quite the following. And this app serves as a little more publicity for them. 

The very vegan emojis are cute and dorky looking. Yes, even the broccoli one. 

A little more about Follow your Heart, “Today we produce our branded products, such as Vegenaise and Vegan gourmet and dairy alternatives and salad dressings, in our state-of-the-art, solar powered manufacturing facility called Earth Island. We are committed to demonstrating leadership in the ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities of operating a business.”