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Watch Competitive Eater Matt Stonie Tackle 11,000 Calories in One Go


We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Matt Stonie. He’s just a regular 23 year old living in California, minding his own sweet business. Why the introduction you ask? Well, when Stonie isn’t minding his own business, he’s eating more in ten minutes than ten people can eat for an entire meal. His competitive eating skills have earned Stonie a second ranking in Major League Eating’s Hall Of Fame, and the nickname ‘Megatoad’. Luckily for us, Stonie records most of his eating triumphs, so we can all sit and gawk at his skill. Maybe if your investment banker job isn’t working out too well for you, you can switch to competitive eating and bump Stonie to third place? Watch the videos and decide. 

1) 1,000 Calorie English Breakfast

Stonie devours slice after slice of bread, tomatoes, bacon, chips, mushrooms and baked beans in twenty seven minutes. A feat that should be immortalized. 

2) 11,000 Calorie Ice Cream Sundae

It was the mother of all sundaes and Stonie took it down in just over fifteen minutes. 

3) The Battle with the Burritozilla

Stonie gets sentimental as he thanks his 500,000 Youtube subscribers and recreates the first eating challenge he ever won. He goes through a massive burrito in two minutes. That’s how long the rest of us take to take off the wrappers!