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10 Bizarre Platings that Will Put You Off Your Meal


Plating can make or break a meal; no matter how tasty the food it’s not a fine dining experience without an exquisitely plated dish. Restaurants world over have jumped on the plating bandwagon and try to outdo each other with interestingly plated fare. However, some plating styles are completely impractical while others are just flat out weird. Hence, a Twitter handle @wewantplates was created to mock restaurants that have taken whimsical plating a little too far. Here are some of the strangest tweeted to and by the account.

1) Bread in Shoes

I don’t want my bread where my feet go. Is that really asking too much?



2) Bread in a cap

A little better, but still no.



3) Dessert Sharing Plate on Newspaper

I see a slice of cheesecake and gooey chocolate cake. Delicious right? Not when it’s served like this.



4) Salad in a plant pot

If this is how it is maybe we should just stay at home and eat straight out of our gardens.





5) Cocktails in a Jar

This would make for some very sloppy drinking especially if you’re already a couple of cocktails down. 





6) Eggs in a Skillet

Straight off the stove and onto the table. Height of laziness.

7) Cake with Sauce on a Board

This is so impractical.

8) Vegetables in a Marrow Bone

What about actual vegetarians that ordered this dish? What about them?!

9) Food on a Clothesline

Repeat after me. Clotheslines are for clothes. Plates are for food.

10) Pork Medallions in a Toilet Bowl

The only acceptable time your head should be anywhere near a toilet bowl is when you’re trying to ward of a hangover. Not while eating lunch.