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What’s Your Salad Leaf Of Choice? #POLL


With major health conscious food choices taking the lead in our daily life, picking out the right meals has become of utmost importance. Whether it is our drink, our food, the seasoning, or something as simple as the vegetables we eat, we make a conscious choice while purchasing all of them. But thanks to the agriculturally and technologically advanced world that we live in, there are choices even in the healthy foods aisle. Salad leaves, for example.

Not only can we pick our salads based on the kind of dressing that we top it with but we can start at the very base by picking the salad leaf that we like best like romaine, roquette, iceberg lettuce, kale, and so on. Each leaf has a taste of it’s own, and each scores differently on the health chart. Which one of the following do you prefer the most while tossing a meal? Vote now!

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