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Which Bubble Gum Brand Would You Rather Chew On? #POLL


The moment we hit middle school, a pack of gums hit our pocket or backpack. And not just because it’s cool or trendy, which it totally by the way, but for the simple fact that there is an odd level of satisfaction in chewing that minty strip of gum till it is devoid of all taste. Also, there is no better way of instantly freshening up your breath. Now, like every other FMCG product, there are about a hundred of brands dedicated just to making the best gum for us to chew on.

While some of them may have deterred from the ‘minty’ part, they all do continue to whip up delightful bubble gums. And to be fair, when it comes to freshening up, just about any kind of gum does the trick! Whether it’s a classic mint gum like the Double Mint by Wrigley’, teeth specialists like Happydent and Orbit, a huge Hubba Bubba roll, fruit filled Center Shock, or good ol’ pink bubble gum like Boomer. So, which of these brands do you prefer when it comes to popping a gum? Vote and let us know!

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