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A Whiff Of Temptation Wafting Thru The Air: Waffles Thru The Day


A one-of-a-kind waffle house!

When we entered Waffles Thru The Day we were excited to see what this cafe had in store for us. The ambience was so calm and everything from the seating and lights to the appetizing wall with names of dishes; were just perfect. The lighting isn’t too bright or too dim making it that perfect place for coffee, conversation, and of course, waffles.


Over a nice soothing cup of Hot Chocolate, Meenakshi Anand, the owner, told us the idea for the cafe came from her husband W. Anand who is a notable architect in the city and was also inspired by their visits to the famous pancake house, Richard Walkers. As we started on a plate of delicious waffles she revealed to us that the idea of opening a waffle cafe had been on her mind for a long time and when we asked her how the waffles were so perfect, she said, “The trick is too keep it crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and there is a science to it.”


The menu offers a wide variety of gourmet pancakes and waffles so you can enjoy having them as both a meal and dessert! The menu also boasts of having Griddle Pancakes, the first of its kind in the city. The dough here is made fresh every morning and so are the salads. The salads and fruit offered with the dishes are made with fresh produce for the day and fresh seasonal fruit. The pies (oh, the pies!) are dished out at 16 a day (8 veg pies and 8 non-veg pies), as Meenakshi is a strong believer in keeping things fresh and we fully approve!

Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate
This is what you need on a cold evening and sipping on this would just give you instant comfort!

Waffles with Maple Syrup

waffles with syrup
We went crazy over these amazingly soft and delicious waffles. What really made our day was the dash of cinnamon over the syrup that dressed our waffles and the smooth whipped cream!

Strawberry and Banana Crepes

chocolate crepes with banana strawberry
The thin, soft crepes wrapped with chocolate on the inside feel like a dream! The sweetness from the fruit went so well with the crepes, it kept us wanting more!

Vegetable Pie

vegetable pie
We’re still going gaga about this pie crust. This flaky goodness is nothing short of perfection and the vegetable filling on the inside is smothered with a heavenly white sauce.

Mince Lamb pie

Lamb Pie
The pie crust, again, was just “Wow”. And the filling? Wow times hundred! The soft lamb mince filling was simply amazing, we were lost for words.

As we savoured the last bite, Meenakshi happily said, “When people come, I want them to go back with a filled tummy!” And that’s truly how we went back, with happy, filled tummies!

What we had:

Hot Chocolate
Waffles with Maple Syrup
Strawberry and Banana Crepes
Vegetable Pie
Mince Lamb Pie

Waffles Thru The Day launches on Friday, at 5pm. You’ll find it at No: 18, 5th cross Street, Indira Nagar, Adyar. Be there to indulge in some amazing waffle goodness!