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Why We Can’t Quit Junk Food And How To Avoid Eating It


The researchers at the University of Tasmania studied the behaviour, appetite, eating habits and social lifestyle of 50 people over the period of 10 days. Their study observed and showed why exactly people weren’t able to stop the temptation of binging on junk food and even suggested a couple of ways to avoid eating them. This study has been published in journal Appetite and here’s what it says.

Irresistible Junk Food

The first reason for not being able to resist junk food is that it is easily available as well as due to shortage of time, the inability to eat home cooked food. At all possible places one can easily spot a fried dish rather than healthy food thus leading to binge on the former. The study also says that one always craves comforting food when upset and under the weather. This kind of eating gives the person a perk thus making them feel better.

Another study by the University of Michigan has found that foods like burgers, pizzas and fries are quite addictive. In fact, the people who tried to quit have craved all the more for it and that the first five days were the hardest. The participants also felt tired and upset due to unavailability of these foods.

How To Avoid It

The study also has a couple of solutions to avoid eating junk food. The researchers advice to eat in groups which helps us to eat less being in company. The enjoyment of relishing the meal becomes more important than that second or third serving. Another way suggested is to keeping yourself occupied in work. The more engrossed you are and the less food around you at the time, the less you tend to eat.