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10 Non-Chef Celebrities Who Love To Cook


  1. Julia Roberts

    “I’m quite a good cook!” she told the U.S. media recently. Julia often cooked for her kids and herself. Some of her signature recipes include peach crisp, banana hemp muffins and summer salad.

  2. Snoop Dogg

    Now, who would have thought this rapper would actually have a hidden cooking talent? He is also coming out with his own cookbook “From Crook to Cook” which also features some easy recipes for munchies.

  3. Chrissy Teigen

    She started off as a fashion model and is now releasing her own cooking line at Target called “Cravings”. She has also released two cookbooks already.
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  4. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

    He started a food blog with professional chef Julie Tanous and they both are planning on releasing a cookbook together pretty soon.
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  1. Eva Longoria

    She worked for eight years at Wendy’s and was also a partner in two restaurants. She also has her own cookbook “Eva’s Kitchen” featuring her favourite recipe – Chicken Tortilla soup.
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  2. Lady Gaga

    She comes from a cooking Italian family and she obviously inherited the genes. She often posts about her culinary activities on social media.
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