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11 Ad Films That’ll Take You Back In Time  


Once upon a time, there was no Facebook, Android, YouTube or even wifi. This carefree time was the 90s. For most of us who had a chunk of their childhood in this era, the television set was the biggest and most loved source of entertainment. Even if it meant watching Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. What made this idiot box even more fun were all the hummable jingles and ads that kept us glued on to the screens. Didn’t we just love it when Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia totally convinced us that they were Complan kids or when a furry little rabbit tried to sell us paapad? Outrageous yet adorable and some downright hilarious, these 90s’ ad films will give you a huge bout of nostalgia.
1. Amul
The who’s who of the music industry got together to affirm that Amul was indeed ‘The Taste of India’.


2. Complan
Who knew these Complan kids were actually making their unofficial Bollywood debuts?

3. Rasna
If this doesn’t make you go “aww….” then nothing will!
4. Ravalgaon Pan Pasand
Believe it or not, this compilation of short ads has 3 more parts.

5. Dhara Refined Oil
That high-pitched “jalebee!” stole so many hearts.
6. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
That adorable victory dance is unforgettable!

7. Pepsi
When Pepsi Was Lehar Pepsi.

8. Mango Frooti
Way before mango drink ads were “suggestive”

9. Mother Dairy
The country’s very own milk anthem.
10. Gold Spot
The granddaddy of Mountain Dew, Mirinda and the likes.

11. Maggi
*runs to the kitchen to make some*

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