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12 Burgers You Can Make At Home


Burgers are everything, aren’t they? One of the most satisfying foods has to be the burger. Meaty, cheesy, and juicy – burgers never fail to satisfy your appetite. So if you’re in the mood for some delicious, lip-smacking burgers, here are some recipes worthy to be tried as they are sure to satisfy your craving.


1. Caramelized Onion Burger

Here’s a delicious and simple recipe for caramelized onion burgers. The sweetness of the onions, freshness of tomatoes, crispiness of the lettuce, and juicy patty just make this burger a complete delight! Try this one, you’ll love it!


2. Cheddar Stuffed Burger

All your cheesy dreams are about to come true with this fabulous burger recipe! They sound fancy, taste delightful, and are incredibly easy to make. This recipe uses ground beef for the burger patty. Enjoy the ultimate cheddar stuffed burger with this one!


3. Texas Backyard BBQ Burger

Taste the delicious flavours of the barbecue right in your burger! This one is made with a country style and the jalapenos add a great flavour to the burger! We can guarantee you’ll love it, so much that you would wanna start thinking about hosting your own barbecue party just so you can dish out these yummy burgers!


4. Turkey Burger

Beef burgers can get boring if you’ve been binging on them all the time. So here’s a different meat for your burger and a healthier choice too – turkey! This recipe shows you how to make a flavourful turkey burger that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner. It’s quite simple to make so go ahead and give it a try!


5. Black Bean Burger

Vegetarian burgers can be awesome too! Here’s a healthy take on veggie burgers using black beans! Fun, right? Garden burgers are not just healthy but they are simple to make too and everyone is sure to enjoy them thoroughly!


6. Veggie Burger

Some veggie burgers are always fun to have around for munching. This recipe uses black beans, quinoa, and zucchini – sounds awesome right? Try this recipe now and you’ll be super thankful for it later!


7. BBQ Chicken Burgers

This recipe for barbecue chicken burgers is perfect for the summer. The taste of barbecue sauce really adds flavour and makes this burger so enjoyable!


8. Vegan Burger

This amazing vegan burger recipe uses sweet potato, wholesome beans and fresh flavours!


9. Simple Beef Burger Recipe

Here’s a simple burger recipe that you can enjoy any time. It’s easy and doesn’t take too long to make. This recipe will really come in handy for those sleepovers and dinner parties!


10. Mini Hamburgers

Burgers made for entertaining! This recipe is a simple and classic hamburger that’s been shrunk down to a bite sized little burger. Great for those evening parties!


11. Beer Can Bacon Burgers

This recipe shows you one of the most yummiest ways to make a juicy bacon cheese burger. Prepare for some drool-worthy burgers!


12. Juicy Lucy Cheese-Stuffed Burger

This one’s an extravagant recipe for a cheese-stuffed burger where the cheese is found right at the center of the burger! The video walks you through the majestic burger recipe step by step. Give it a shot!


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