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Jimmy Kimmel’s Fake ‘Juce’ has people believing that it’s ‘Cold-pressed juice’.


Time and again, Jimmy Kimmel has had us laughing about his take on latest issues, trends and celebrity gossip. Now he’s tackled the latest food trend that has been going around which is the ‘Cold-pressed juice’. He trolled organic-loving hippies into believing that they are having organic and fresh juice while actually it was just skittles and water.

He and his team got together and created ‘Juce’ that has 4 delicious ‘healthy’ varieties – Rainbow (from skittles), Detox (melted popsicles), Soul (Fun Dip) and Cure (From Tang). And the juice connoisseurs didn’t even know the difference. “Like a deep breath, you know, it just feels refreshing,” one taster remarked after drinking a juice made from Fun Dip.