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12 pictures of White Chocolate that might just convert you


White Chocolate. The true, (brown) chocoholic might just say “Pssh,. Impostor.” But is it really? True that it tastes different. But let’s not be ‘racist’ here. Food is still food. It does look cream and we love cream, don’t we?

Some people even claim that it doesn’t melt-in-the-mouth like the real thing, but we have reason to believe that it melts just fine and these pictures might have you picking up a bar next time you’re at the store. Colour DOES matter, of course, but let’s give these little guys a chance. 

1. Strawberry, white are you doing?

Someone set these two up! I mean, look at that. 


2. Bark. Fetch. Now.

Cranberry Christmas Bark. Now, Christmas, you’re coming early right?


3. Fudge me, white.

What the.. Someone made fudge and painted it right?


4. Cheesecake, taking the white road

Cheesecake with Mascaporne and White chocolate. Bring on the cheese, please.


5. Red Velvet has a new friend

Red Velvet, you two look so good together. Do you work out?


6. Cookie Chippin’ White

Chewy- gooey White chocolate chip cookies. I surrender.


7. Oreo White Lies

Like Oreos‘ needed a ‘white-lift’. 


8. Fond-You in White?

Now what was that we heard about white chocolate refusing to melt?


9. Cupcakes- Clean, bright, white.

Like heaven painted these White Chocolate Banana Cupcakes.


10. Brownies, in disguise.

Brownies that are white. There’s so many things wrong with that. But I’ll tell you what’s not, the taste.


11. In the White Forest lies..

One forest I’d gladly lose myself in.


12. And then there were truffles.

I didn’t even know we were allowed to have these. They’re whack-awesome. That’s what they are.