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6 videos from Disneyland on Cakes, Candies and Happiness


Ah, Disney! Is there anything your magic can’t do?

Disney has wowed us over the years with their cute food videos. So we’re dedicating this post to their amazing hard work in making the world a happy place- full of candy and cake anyway. 

1. Candy canes anyone?

This video covers the painstaking process on making a candy cane the adorable red and white treasure it is. The vintage candy shop interiors, the cute old man who’s explaining it, the adorable way in which they bend the cane- Bring on the music. 

2. How to decorate a cake with magic

The immaculate fondant, the tiny gold Mickeys, the colourful cakes in the background- they should make a movie about this! 

3. Where the magic happens

Granted, this video is about where the candy is made. But come on! Don’t tell me a voice inside you didn’t long for a magical kitchen like that? 

4. Treat yourself to Sweet Treats

Now that’s a treat! Watch as pastry chefs inside Disneyland make candies right before your eyes. Chocolate coated pineapples.. mm. 

5. 24 Layers and Crazy Awesome

Watch as this lovely gentleman, creates what can only be called “magic” , oh and a 24 layer cake. Drool alert. 

6. Red Velvet heaven

Disney walks you through the journey of a lifetime- Red Velvet Cupcakes