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7 Awesome Food-gram Moments from my Instagram



What you see here: Baked samosas filled generously with caramelised onions, green peas, and spicy potatoes dunked in tangy mango chutney

It is a brilliant snack for a breezy evening. This followed by a tall glass of chilled creamy Lassi will satiate your appetite!  On a scale of one to Kumbhakarna, how many of these can you eat?


This isn’t Motichoor Ladoo.

What you see here: Arancini 

Aracani, traditionally is a ball of rice, deep fried in garlic oil. Here, the famous English celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal uses mushroom risotto coated in panko breadcrumbs stuffed with cheese and sage, served with garlic aioli. This is extremely easy to make and is a good way to utilize leftover rice.


It is raining out and you have this in front of you. Are you feeling all the feelings as you picture it?

What you see here: Stuffed Sindhi Paratha tossed in ghee with plain Dal and lemon pickle. It doesn’t get better than this.

You are leaking. You are well on your way into finishing the next tissue box and the medicines aren’t helping. What do you do? There is only one answer to that one. Nothing fixes your flu better than the comforting chicken soup. Just inhale the flavoursome steam wafting from the bowl and half your job is done. 

What you see here: Classic homemade, Peppery Chicken Soup with Cherry Tomatoes and Herbs


Her feed is undeniably heart-warming and is nothing short of awesome. You should definitely follow her feed if you’re a sucker for great pictures. It takes you right back to school days. Every lunchbox picture is filled to the brim with amazing food.


Hashtag: #inherlunchbox

What you see here: Chickpea Sundal, Paneer with String Beans, Roti, Strawberries and Popcorn


It’s been a dream of mine to own a waffle iron. I simply love waffles. My favourite combination is bread and butter custard with roasted figs, strawberries, dark chocolate and Belgian waffles. It is the best and scrumptious breakfast you’ll ever have!

What you see here: Simple Sourdough Waffles with Maple Syrup


Listed as one of the popularly followed food-based Instagram accounts by The Huffington, this feed contains pictures of hearty street food from Bombay that’ll leave anyone salivating a river. 

What you see here: Misal Pav