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7 Awesome-tastic Recipes for Your Pizza Making Kit


Call for another Pizza night, this time no ordering in. 

Pizza night sounds fun, pizza night sounds like something you’d love and pizza night sounds like it could be.. tiring? Yes and no. The way the dough brings the family together, the sauce has people laughing over it and the cheese has us all in silence; I wouldn’t call that tiring. Let’s go over the bases first. 

Regular Pizza Base 

Toss it like a Pro!

Eggplant Pizza Base 

Egg it up, Pizza!

Cauliflower Pizza Base 

cauliflower pizza crust recipe


Butternut Squash Pizza Base

 Squashin' good.

Then we have the toppings –

Pesto Chicken Pizza 

Pesto meant for Pizza.

Seafood Pizza 

Shrimp me some pizza!

And then we have the star, the one thing you’ve been waiting for. Get off the couch. Ta-da. 

Pizza Fondue 

I'm so fond-ue

Knock yourself out.