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9 tempting shots of Pizza that are guarenteed to break your diet


Please refrain from breaking your computer screen while trying to grab these pizzas. You are forewarned.

1. Margherita

Everything looks better when covered with cheese, doesn’t it. Here is a slice of the yummiest margherita you wish you were eating right now!






2. Mushroom and pepperoni pizza

Run and hide, before someone else demands a slice of this slice of heaven.

chicken pizza

3. Beaf Steak pizza

I never thought anything could be perfect. I was so wrong.

beaf steak piza

4. Veg Delight

Veg delight? That’s a subtle name. It should actually have been named Veg ecstasy.


veg pizza

5. Garlic Chicken Pizza

This is the reason why there are so many quotes on love.

garlic chicken pizza

6.  Grilled vegetable pizza

Pizza reigns where mothers fail to make vegetable look delicious.

grilled vegetable pizza

7. Thin crust scallop pizza

This is wrong. This pizza should be in front of me, not stuck behind a screen.

scallop pizza

8. Gourmet Greek Pizza

It looks like the pizza cannot handle the load of toppings. Maybe I can help.

greek pizza

9. Spicy Pepper and Chicken Pizza

I woudn’t mind coming home to this.

spicy pepper and chicken pizza